NOW IN CAMO TOO Click on Photo to Enlarge----------------- Choose Black or Silver and mount type in the option area below. Comes with(3/8" .22 rifle handgun gun paintball/airsoft)type mount or (7/8" Weaver for Large Rifles shotguns Handguns Blackpowder Muzzle Loaders) Some crossbows use the 7/8" mount some use the 3/8" .22 type Mount 1x32mm-- 1.260" Lens size ( 1.575"-- 40mm outsideTube size)

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Product Description

Made by A1 Optic Nothing beats A1 Optic Red Dots for finding your target and getting off a fast shot. Clearer than BSA, Bushnell, Tasco, Simmons and more.

A1 Optic is a full-Line consumer optics manufacturer. They also make Rifle Scopes and Binoculars for many name acclaimed companies. A1 Optic uses nothing but the best Glass optics including photo quality lenses. All Lenses inside and out are Fully Multi coated. No other optics manufacturer can say that.

The A1 Optic factory has been making Optics for Military use since the 1960s and just recently started to market for use to the General Public.

You will see cheap Red dots online but they do not compare to A1 Optic's quality.

Beware of the false claims made about other red dots including size and Quality. The Magnacraft red dots you see are just 1 example. They are the cheapest of all sold on Ebay. They do not take recoil well at all and they are not truthful of the size. Magnacrafts 40mm red dot is really only a 30mm red dot. They measure the outside tube diameter of the red dot, not the useable lens size. The 32mm A1 Optic red dot is 2mm larger than the red dot Magnacraft is selling as a 40mm.