A1Optic 6-24x50mm rifle scope Black or silver 6-24x zoom power rifle scope with 50mm large end lens Choose Rifle Scope Color and Ring mount size below

A1 Optic Rifle Scope 6-24x50mm lit Rangefinding crosshair Zero Glare for Rifles Handguns Pistols Paintball Airsoft .22s Crossbows shotguns Blackpowder Muzzle Loaders
A1 Optic Rifle Scope 6-24x50mm lit Rangefinding crosshair Zero Glare for Rifles Handguns Pistols Paintball Airsoft .22s Crossbows shotguns Blackpowder Muzzle Loaders
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Product Description

A1 Optic 6-24x50mm scope

This scope comes with Rangefinding Crosshair

Choose Color and Ring mount size below Free Ring mounts and Lens caps included

A1 Optic offers what I believe to be the largest selection of best quality hunting optics on the market. Guaranteed to have less Sun Glare than any other scope. Only A1 Optic scopes have Patented Zero Glare, Glare Block Protection.

Guaranteed to have less sun Glare than NcStar, Barska, Tasco, Simmons, BSA and countless other manufacturers. You can even install a sun shade on your current scope and A1 Optic's patented Zero Glare will still beat it.

Wide field of view

Shock, Recoil proof even on the big MAGNUM RIFLES, Fog and Water proof, Nitrogen filled

Never pass on a shot because you can't see your crosshairs. This scope features a Lit Rangefinder crosshair. Great for low or normal light use. During daylight it can be used with the power off and the cross hairs are black. In low light the cross hairs can be set to any one of 11 brightness settings that will give them a red glow from low to bright. The rangefinding crosshair will help determine target distance for proper hold over.

A1 Optic is a full-Line optics manufacturer. They also make Rifle Scopes and Binoculars for many name acclaimed companies. A1 Optic uses nothing but the best Glass optics including Top photo quality lenses. All Lenses inside and out are Fully Multi coated. No other optics manufacturer can say that. The A1 Optic factory has been making Optics for Military use since the 1960s and just recently started to market to the General Public.

All A1 optic scopes are solid aluminum one piece tube construction, built to take the kick of large bore rifles, shotguns, pistols, blackpowder, handguns, crossbows and Airsoft.

Unlike cheaper scopes A1 optic uses All metal adjuster screws, not plastic like found on some scopes.

At A1 Optic they have a full time testing department. It is their job and only job to Randomly pic samples off the end of the assembly line and try to destroy them with Shock and shake machines as well as pressurized water tanks to try and force water inside the optics.

A1 Optic knows actual hunting and shooting conditions cannot be duplicated 100% in the lab so they also do firearm shooting and hunting test to verify durability.

Fog proof, Shock proof, Multi Coated Glass lenses throughout, No Plastic or cheap glass like some Scopes

Precise 1/8" movement on target at 100 yards per click. Each adjustment, vertical and horizontal, has it's own machined aluminum protective cap (not plastic)sealed with a rubber o-ring.

Other scopes may claim to be Nitrogen filled But Only A1 Optic scopes are Multi Nitrogen Filled and Purged over several cycles to ensure Nitrogen quality is at 99.9% or better.

Instead of a red bulb like other illuminated crosshair scopes A1 Optic uses a light Emitting diode Which is burn out Proof and uses a fraction of the power of a filament type bulb. In fact about 1/50th the power of a standard light bulb. The crosshair intensity is adjustable, 11 settings, for all light conditions

It comes with manufacture's Lifetime warranty, Rangefinding instructions, Cleaning cloth, Extra 3 volt Lithium battery and Lens Caps. Batteries are a popular size and can be bought at most stores for about $3.00

Unlike other scope manufacturers A1 Optic has no distributors.

Simmons, Bushnell, BSA, Tasco, and the rest all have Distributors that sell to Dealers that sell to the Public. A1 Optic eliminates the Distributor and sells Directly to it's dealers which allows you to buy Better quality optics for less.

We have a limited supply so buy before at these prices while supply last.