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 Leatherwood Rifle Scope 6-18x50mm Uni-Dial Drop Compensation
Leatherwood Rifle Scope 6-18x50mm Uni-Dial Drop Compensation
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Product Description

Leatherwood UNI-DIAL 6-18x50mm With standard duxplex/4plex cross hairs.

These scopes were designed by the legendary 2nd Lieutenant Jim Leatherwood who has been developing bullet drop compensation scopes since the 1960s and are used by the US military. These are Jim's newest generation of drop compensating scopes. Anyone could easily learn to hit there make without guessing distance and hold over. You shoot on the crosshairs, no need to guess "hold over" on the target. It also easily adjusts to "Ballistically Match?" your cartridge's drop (from .17 Remington to .375 H&H Mag). Leatherwood is confident their scopes are second to none and the clarity of the lens is said to be better than Leupold.

Only Leatherwood makes these Patented Uni-dial scopes. They can be used for any caliber and can be set off any bullet ballistics chart or by shooting the gun.

Lifetime warranty . ---Leatherwood makes nothing but top of the line scopes

It has a 50mm objective lens with a Parallax adjustment. Why is Parallax adjustment important? Take your favorite gun with a scope and set it on a solid surface. Focus on a target in the distance. Move your eye left to right then up and down. Notice how the cross hairs leave the target? This is Parallax error and scopes without Parallax adjustment will shoot different each time depending on how close you are able to center the cross hairs in the eye lens. This scope compensates for the error you have in your current scope.

The eye piece has a soft rubber edge you will appreciate if you've ever had a scope hit you on recoil or do in the future. If not yet your lucky because sooner or later it happens when you least expect it like when your trying for an awkward shot

Wide field of view

Shock, Recoil proof even on the big MAGNUM RIFLES, Fog and Water proof, Nitrogen filled

All lens are full coated for maximum light gain in low light hunting and scratch resistance. The 50mm lens is premium Diamond-Tough lens.

My Guarantee to you. If you're not happy, I'm not happy. Please return it within 30 days for a replacement or refund your choice. After 30 days factory warranty applies