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Built on 7/8" Weaver type mount For Large rifle shotguns blackpowder crossbows Handguns and more

Red dotscope NcStar 45mm
Red dotscope NcStar 45mm
Item# RedDotNc45mm7/8"mount
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NcStar is a premium quality scope Manufacturer Lifetime warranty.

1x45mm Red dot made by Ncstar

It has a black matte finish, solid aluminum construction built to take the kick of even large magnums

Adjustable dot brightness, built on 7/8" mount which is the standard for all modern rifles shotguns and handguns so you need no scope rings. Also fits crossbows with 7/8" mount Fog proof, and Fully Ruby coated optics for enhanced light gathering during low light hunting and scratch resistance . Instead of a Red bulb it has a Red Light emitting Dode which uses a fraction of the power of a filament type bulb. It will burn about one week on a battery which cost about $3 at most local stores. The picture was taken is total darkness on the low dot intensity setting. The dot intensity is adjustable for all light conditions from low light Dusk or Dawn to Sunny Days.

The dot moves 1/4" at 100 yards for each click on the adjuster screw. The dot size is 4" at 100 yards. The battery last a long time I can assure you because the one I have, I've left on by mistake for several days between hunts and was still burning bright.---. It comes with manufacture's lifetime warranty.