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Rifle scope NcStar 3-9x42mm Mini lit
Rifle scope NcStar 3-9x42mm Mini lit
Item# sNc3-9x42MiniLit
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Product Description

New Century Rifle scope 3-9x42mm mini Lit Rectile New With Lifetime warranty. ---NcStar is a premium quality scope Manufacturer

It's a fact animals move at dusk and dawn. How many times have you passed on a shot because you couldn't see your cross hairs?

This scope features a Lit Rectile. Great for low or normal light use. During daylight it can be used with the power off and the cross hairs are black, In low light the cross hairs can be set to any one of 11 brightness settings that will give them a red glow from low to bright. It is powered by a battery available at most stores for about $3.00. It also comes with an extra battery. There is no bulb to burn out. The light comes from a light emitting diode which is burn out proof and uses about 1/100th the power of a light bulb. The battery will last 4 to 6 days if left on. No Battery is needed for it to function like a regular scope.

This new generation scope also has a rigid 1" main tube.

The eye piece has a soft rubber edge you will appreciate if you've ever had a scope hit you on recoil or do in the future. If not yet your lucky because sooner or later it happens when you least expect it like when your trying for an awkward shot.

Wide field of view

Shock, Recoil proof even on the big MAGNUM RIFLES, Fog and Water proof, Nitrogen filled

All lens are full coated for maximum light gain in low light hunting and scratch resistance. The 42mm lens is premium ruby coated Lens.

Total Length of the scope is 7 3/8"

Very Generous Eye Relief Range(Full view from 2 1/2" to 3 " from lens to eye) Some scopes force you to be within 1/4" of the specified Eye relief. Not a problem with these.

Tinted lens caps are included.

Precise 1/4" movement on target at 100 yards per click. Each adjustment, vertical and horizontal, has it's own machined aluminum protective cap (not plastic)sealed with a rubber o-ring.